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Men's Probus Club of Wasaga Beach

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Men's Probus Club of Wasaga Beach

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Looking for Fun and Friendship in Your Retirement? Why Not Join Probus?
It could also be good for your health!!

Retirement can come too early for many people who want and are able to remain active. Probus clubs are organizations for men who are fully or semi retired and want to maintain a social network with others who have similar interests.

Probus clubs meet at least once a month for fellowship and to hear guest speakers. Today there are over 300,000 members in approximately 4000 clubs worldwide. In Wasaga Beach, the Wasaga Men's Probus Club meets at the Wasaga Stars Arena, 10am on the 2nd Thursday monthly (men only).

Why Join Probus?

Why don't you come out to one of our monthly meetings and see for yourself!

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January 2018

Gaynor Edwards RN, CDE, BSc Physical Health Program Manager
Georgian Bay Family Health Team

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December 2017

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September 2017

Stayner Curling Club's Gord Mulgrew & Donna Allen on 'The Sport of Curling'

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wasaga_probus_48.png - 144.7 KB Farewell to President Russ Talbot
wasaga_probus_49.png - 201.5 KB Probus Executive 2017

August 2017

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Morgan Levison, BA, BScH, MA, Public Health Promoter, Simcoe-Muskoka Health Unit. Her topic was Climate Change - a defining public health issue for the 21st Century

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President Russ Talbot thanks Morgan Levison, BA, BScH, MA, Public Health Promoter, Simcoe-Muskoka Health Unit. Her topic was Climate Change - a defining public health issue for the 21st Century

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Winner of the 1st prize
Allen Gluck - $50.00

July 2017

Our July event was a tour of the "Dufferin Wind Power" facility in Melancthon township in Dufferin County. Dufferin Wind Power Inc. is harvesting wind power to support the long term clean energy needs of Ontario. The company aims to be a significant and caring corporate citizen; educating Ontarians about the benefits of responsible energy sources and contributing lasting support to the local economy Dufferin Wind Power is located at 705357 County Road 21, Melancthon, west off County Road 124 at Redickville, between Singhampton and Shelburne. We met at 10:30 am and started the tour at 11:00 am. The cost of the tour was $5.00. We met for lunch at the "Terra Nova Public House" (east of County Road 124 on 20th Side Road) at 12:30 pm. It was a great day for both and everyone was extremely happy.(More pictures in the Photo Gallery

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Ernst Fischer a proud Canadian.

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Rick Bradowski was pinned as a new member.

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The Men's PROBUS decided to dress up for Canada 150

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Joe Krulick attended our last PROBUS meeting, and he hails from St. John's, Newfoundland and he is visiting Wasaga Beach for 3 weeks

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Lucky draw, 1st Bruce Kurtz - $50.00

july_2017_winner2.jpg - 24.2 KB

Lucky draw, 2nd Jim Beckett - $50.00

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Lee Huish talking about the Social Director job description.

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Bill Snooks talking about the Visitation job description.

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Guest Speakers, Nathan Wukasch & Jackie Beaudin, were introduced by John McCartney, to talk about the Wasaga Beaches' Age Friendly Community Project.

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June 2017

Our June 8th Speaker, Trish Davidson, from Ontario Parks, Wasaga Beach, gave an excellent presentation on the Piping Plovers that are nesting at the Beach. At the conclusion of her presentation there were many questions that were asked by the Membership and answered by Trish. For further information on the Piping Plover Program please visit ploverpalooza.blogspot.ca

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There were two new members pinned as follows: Andrew Beattie - sponsor George Howie and Wally Hammond - sponsor George Potopnyk

February 2017

Two new members, Hamilton Gibson and Ed Stanyk being pinned during our meeting. Eric Taylor gave an overview and slide presentation of the Georgian Bay British Car Club. The aim of the GBBCC is to promote knowledge and love of British cars. By developing relationships and friendships, the Club is a friendly, social gathering place for sharing interests in driving, maintaining, and enjoying the precious "vehicles". They strongly encourage the participation of spouses and children, so that Club events are fun for everyone. For further information please visit www.bbbc.com or contact Eric directly.

Wasaga Men Probus29
Georgian Bay
British Car Club
(click for photos)

January 2017

The January guest speaker was Guy Chartrand, President &CEO, Collingwood General and Marine Hospital. Guy provided an update on the re-development process affecting our local hospital. Read more here.




December 2016

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Alan Mallory

November 2016

pelletier (25K)

MWO Claude Pelletier enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1980 as an infantryman with the Royal 22nd Regiment (the Van Doos) at CFB Lahr, Germany, until his transfer to Military Police Officer in 1986. During his more than 30 years in the armed forces MWO Pelletier has served in various postings in Ontario and Quebec. Furthermore, he has also been deployed to faraway places such as Bosnia and Afghanistan, as well as our Embassy in Haiti. He was in Haiti during the devastating earthquake of 2010 and was subsequently honored with the Meritorious Service Cross for his actions post-earthquake.MWO Pelletier is currently posted to his present tenure at MPU (Military Police Unit) Borden as the USM (Unit Sergeant- Major). MWO Claude Pelletier then spoke about his experiences.

October 2016

2016-10 Probus Beach One Cerveza !
Wasaga Beach
Brewing Company

September 2016

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Curling Registration
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Career Solutions
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Meeting Photos

August 2016

Wasaga Mens Probus 2016-08
flickr Slide Show
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Greg Paupst's Profile
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Wasaga Distribution

July 2016

wasaga_probus_015 (60K)
Marian Ritchie who is an Alzheimer's
Advocate and author who spoke to
members about the human and often
humorous aspects of Alzheimer's rather
than the medical ones as she attempted
to cope with her husband's devastating disease.
wasaga_probus_016 (58K)
Our President Russ Wright
presents Marian a gift of
appreciation for her speech.


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VP Merrill House discussing the
need for members to become active
in the club and offer their services
to fill key positions in the
Management Board.
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New Member, Jim Beckett was
pinned at the meeting on July
14th. John Flood was his sponsor.

June 2016

wasaga_probus_003 (59K)
Our June guest speaker,
Peter Miller, discussing
"Medical Cannabis"
wasaga_probus_002 (152K)
First batch of Cannabis
wasaga_probus_001 (98K) Building for growing Cannabis

August 2015

Glen Bailey - Crime Stoppers
Simcoe, Dufferin, Muskoka

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More meeting photos

activites.png - 4.1 KB

Photo Gallery

(Recently added, February 14th, 2018 Social at The Hanger in Edanvale for a Beautiful Valentine's Luncheon)

Video Library

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Another Romeo Breakfast at Yammas Restaurant. Come for a visit every 2nd Friday of the month at breakfast time.

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smallwave (3K)

ils-logo.jpg - 24.6 KB

Independent Living Services of Simcoe County (ILS) is happy to announce the launch of our new and improved Assistive Device Exchange website. You can find the site at assistivedeviceexchange.com

Anyone who has assistive device equipment they no longer need can list it for sale or give away. Anyone who is looking for equipment can go to the website to obtain equipment at a reduced or no cost.The best part is that this website is now easier to use than ever!

The re-use of adaptive equipment helps everyone: it helps de-clutter, saves people money, allows access for people who couldn't otherwise afford these needed devices, and prevents devices from going into landfill.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Christy at the Accessibility Resource Centre at ILS at 705-737-3263 or email admin@assistivedeviceexchange.ca

Please note: We are no longer able to list devices for people on the website anymore. They, a friend or family member who is computer friendly can simply register themselves to use the assistivedeviceexchange.com

Please spread the news whenever and wherever you can! Thank you!

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The Royal Canadian Air Force's Honorary Colonel Loreena McKennitt, award-winning Canadian recording artist, has released a new song about love, dedication and family sacrifice in time for Remembrance Day. The single, entitled "Breaking of the Sword", was inspired during Honorary Colonel McKennitt's participation in April at The Canadian National Vimy Memorial for the 100th anniversary of the historic Battle of Vimy Ridge.

To view the video on YouTube, click here

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On Tuesday, August 22nd our trip was to the Drayton Entertainment production of "Joseph And The Technicolor Dreamcoat". This event took place at the "King's Wharf Theatre" in Penetanguishene.

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Getting ready for the curtain to open at King's Wharf Theatre for Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat

wasaga_probus_42.png - 109.1 KB

Outside of King's Wharf Theatre for Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat

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Citizens of the Year Award Awards Ceremonies

Saturday May 13th held at the RecPlex: Lee Huish, Jim Desormeaux, Fred Humphrey, Reg Jalbert, Russ Talbot,
Frank Lauzon and Lin Wolfe were nominated

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wasaga_probus_36 (103K)

wasaga_probus_37 (103K)

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Another Great PROBUS Trip

This trip took place May 10th to the Fish Hatchery. Peter Gifford led the "convoy" to the special secret spot where the hatchery was located. Following the visit to the hatchery a great lunch was had by all at Mylar and Loretta's in Singhampton.

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wasaga_probus_33 (102K)

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Quality Homes Tour - April

About 35 of us had a high "Quality" tour today, and everyone seemed convinced it was both informative and well done. Here are a few pictures from their indoor home building warehouse. The results seemed to be very high quality, and the average 3 months to completion, and approximate $150 per sq. foot.As a bonus, lunch at The Spot Restaurant was very good, well served, well priced and speedy. If you couldn't join us, and the opportunity comes again - I would recommend you take it. Richard.

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Probus Booth at the Wasaga Beach Home and Garden Show

Ernst Fischer, Bill Crawford and John McCartney
First shift manning the PROBUS Booth at Wasaga Beach Home and Garden Show, April 8th.

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wasaga_probus_331 (103K)
smallwave (3K)

Probus River Cruises

Fall 2018 River Cruise Special
Budapest to Amsterdam

Presentation date - May 3, 2017
3:00PM - Small presention in our office at 13 Hurontario Street, Collingwood
6:30PM - at the Collingwood Library
Call Doug at 705 293 0930 or email dfry@cruiseshipcenters.com to register.
An overview of the 2017 Nice to Paris and the 2017 Bordeaux River Cruises will follow the presentatiion.


After many months of many meetings and discussion the GPTG (Georgian Probus Travel Group) has finalized the riverboat cruises. Doug Fry from "Expedia Cruise Ships Center" has negotiated and arranged a choice of three "Riverboat Cruises" on our behalf. He is located at 13 Hurontario Street, Collingwood Ontario. He can be reached at 705 293 0930 or dfry@cruiseshipcenters.com. Upgrades and additions can be arranged at sign up.

  1. Emerald, October 19th, Splendours Of Europe - Budapest to Amersterdam, 15 day cruise, Outline on pages 1 to 5 in the information sheet.
  2. Avalon, October 6, Burgundy & Provence - Nice to Paris, 11 Day cruise, Outlined and detailed on pages 6 to 9 in the information sheet.
  3. Ama Waterways, October 12, Bordeaux to Bordeaux Round Trip, 8 day cruise, Outlined and detailed on pages 10 to 13 in the information sheet.

If any members are interested, please let me know (Lee Huish) or get in touch with Mr. Fry either by phone or email to answer any questions and to finalize the cruise of your choice. For the information sheet, click here.

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Probus Flag Raising in Wasaga Beach

Watch the video!


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Valentine's Day Luncheon at the Georgian Circle

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wasaga_probus_026 (103K)
wasaga_probus_027 (96K)
wasaga_probus_028 (103K)

The PROBUS group enjoying a beautiful day with their significant others during the Valentine's Day luncheon at the Georgian Circle. Both the food and the service was above expectations. Thanks Social Committee for planning this event and giving us a fantastic time.

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Ken Birse, in the November meeting, talked briefly about the Probus Ski Legends Club. Probus Ski Legends is made up of members of all area Probus Clubs (and some from out of town), who enjoy skiing and socializing. Each local Probus has hard working volunteer representatives. If you are interested in finding out more about this energetic Club please contact Ken Birse or go to www.probusskilegends.ca for further information.

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newsletters (3K)

The Men's Probus Club Newsletters are PDF format
and can be viewed, downloaded and printed using
Adobe Reader (free).

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PROBUS is an association of active retirees who join together in clubs. Its basic purpose is to provide its members with regular opportunities to keep their minds active, expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

If you are an active retiree, or no longer working full time, you may like to join a social club to enjoy friendship, fellowship and fun. PROBUS can offer a great avenue of interests and new horizons.

PROBUS meets the needs of retirees by providing opportunities to keep their minds active, expand their interests, stay healthy through activities, benefit from training programs, and network between like minded people and enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

PROBUS can provide members of the community with fresh ideas to enrich and fulfill their lives in retirement.

Member Resources

(Recently added, Job Descriptions September 26, 2017)

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PROBUS Canada of Wasaga Beach
P.O.B. 481, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada
L9Z 1A5

International Web Site: www.probus.org
National Web Site: www.probus.org/canada.htm

Email the club ()

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